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What kind of protein should you use post-workout?

Everyone knows the post-party is where it’s at. Aside from the recent Don’t Worry Darling press tour, most celebrity scandals come straight from the party after the party! Think of your fitness in the same way. You shouldn’t just limit your workout routine to the gym. Your post-exercise ritual can build or break muscles. Do you know how to take care of your body after exercise? The consumption of protein is essential to repair and build muscles. We’ll tell you why protein is important, when to eat it, how much to eat, and what type of protein is best after a workout. 

Why is protein essential for my body?

You’ve probably heard your fitness friends and trainers wax poetic about protein. But have they ever explained why protein is so important

Protein is made of amino acids, the molecules that build and repair muscles. After hitting the gym, protein can reverse muscle damage and prepare you for your next workout. Adding these amino acids to your body can also help slow the process of muscle deterioration, so you keep the muscles you have.

Should I eat protein before or after working out?

Many scholars say you don’t need protein before a workout. Studies show that pre-workout protein doesn’t enhance post-workout muscle synthesis. Eating a regularly-balanced meal one to three hours pre-workout is enough to fuel your session.

However, post-workout protein is a must, and the timing of ingesting the protein is as crucial as the act itself. Most agree that athletes should consume a protein-rich meal or snack within one hour of finishing the workout. 

How much protein should I eat after a workout?

This is a great question, but not a simple one since the answer depends on gender, body weight, and the intensity of the activity. Most women should consume 10 to 20 grams of protein within 30 minutes of completing a workout, while most men should consume 30 to 40 grams of protein within an hour of completing their exercise. 

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What type of protein is best?

Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to satisfy your protein needs with whole foods, like meat, eggs, and legumes. Looking for a protein powder can leave your head spinning with so many options: whey, pea, soy, milk, egg, hemp— which one’s right for you?

Whey protein is our top pick for post-workout protein. It has all the amino acids you need and is easily digestible. A word of warning to our friends with lactose intolerance or a milk allergy: high-quality isolates should have very little lactose, but if you’re sensitive, you may need to consider an egg or plant-based protein instead. 

One more tip? Watch out for too much sugar. Find a shake that doesn’t list sugar as one of the top three ingredients.

What kind of protein should you use post-workout?

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