These 6 facts prove online fitness is the health trend of the future

I’m no fortune teller, but the future of fitness is clear– online workouts are here to stay. What began as a way to maintain an exercise routine in lockdown has exploded into a virtual phenomenon with real-world results.

Six reasons why online fitness is here to stay


Not everyone works a traditional 9-5 job, but most gyms set their classes for those people. Online fitness classes span multiple time zones to offer the convenience of working out when it’s convenient for you. 

Train with the best– even if you’re multiple time zones away

In 2020, the online gaming platform Roblox hosted a concert by Lil Nas X. It was watched 33 million times over the course of one weekend and reportedly sold nearly eight figures’ worth of virtual merch. Not everyone can be where Lil Nas X is, but the metaverse is opening up new possibilities that span the entertainment, education, and health fields. 

The same is true in fitness. Through virtual fitness classes, you have access to the best trainers in the world– whether you live in Small Town, Texas or Manhattan, New York. 

No childcare needed 

If you have little ones at home, “me-time” is probably in scarce supply. Hiring a babysitter for an hour or two while you’re at the gym is expensive, and relying on the gym’s childcare facilities is a leap of trust some aren’t comfortable taking. Schedule your online fitness class during naptime to keep your kiddos comfy while maintaining your peace of mind. 


While the cost of virtual fitness classes is often cheaper than their in-person counterparts, it’s not just the actual cost of the class that you’ll save. In a time of ever-rising fuel costs, cutting the commute to the gym can mean big savings over time. 

Save time 

Speaking of savings… How much time do you spend commuting to and from the gym, looking for parking, checking in, and chatting with other gym-goers? If you’re short on time, log in to an online fitness class for 50 minutes of exercise, then morph back into business/mom/relaxation mode as soon as the class is over. 

Minimal equipment 

Most of us don’t have a fully-equipped gym in our garage. We’ve got great news for you, though! You don’t need a ton of equipment to lose fat and tone your muscles. All you need is a space large enough for a yoga mat and a computer with an internet connection. Your trainer will help you make the most of the space and equipment you have to build strength and confidence. 

If you’re ready to join the ever-increasing number of athletes taking their fitness online, Enhancewell Fitness offers convenient, cost-effective group fitness classes designed to take place in a small space with minimal equipment. Our trainers are loved by clients worldwide and our classes are capped at 10 participants, so you’ll get all the benefits of personalized attention at the low cost of a group class! 

The future of fitness is online– will you log in? Book your group fitness session with Enhancewell Fitness today and start smashing your fitness goals.

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