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Virtual Fitness Like No Other!

Even from across the ocean and 7 time zones apart, Antoni gives classes that make a difference! It’s like having a personal trainer in my home every Sunday, Antoni is skilled and his classes are challenging and fun! He’s an expert instructor, he understands movement and pushes me, even if he’s 6,000 miles away. Antoni gives more than an exercise class, he shows correct movement, he challenges me, and he personalizes the class, even if I am an ocean away.
The classes are designed to lengthen, strengthen and tone your body with emphasis on core, arms, and glutes. The classes are designed as a mix of a body weight strength training meets Pilates meets yoga class. The focus is on form, proper movement, and ensuring that the correct muscles are being “sculpted”. If you’re looking to become strong and toned, with incredible instructors who personalize and cater classes to your individual needs, then this is the class for you!
Transparency and authenticity, with Antoni we have goals that are measurable, and we've been able to see progress overtime and throught the way, like everytime I have a question, Antoni goes above and beyond to give me as much as detailed as possible.
Enhancewell fitness really helps me through private lessons to target why my back have given out, and strengthen the muscles in my back so that it wouldn't happen again. The Ability to work with Antoni no matter where I am in the world, even when I was based in Dallas, Israel and Portugal.

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