Sweet summertime: 3 snacks without all the sugar

Summertime is the season of popsicles, ice cream, and snowcones. Sugary treats are a sweet way to cool down as the temperatures rise. But what if you’re trying to cut refined sugar out of your diet? Is it possible to enjoy the summer without the sugar? 

Of course, it is! 

We’ve compiled three of our favorite sugar-free summertime treats for your snacking pleasure. You won’t even miss the refined sugar with these flavor-filled treats. 

Frozen grapes 

Frozen grapes are nature’s popsicles. Choose a box of green, seedless grapes from your favorite grocery store or farmer’s market. Wash the grapes, de-stem, and pat them dry. Put the grapes back into the dry, clean plastic box and pop it in the freezer. The grapes will be ready to eat in one hour. 

Want to dual-purpose your snacks? Use frozen grapes instead of ice to keep your poolside beverages cool without watering them down! 

Jello grapes

Kick your frozen grape treats up a notch. Wash the fruit, remove the stems, and pour a bag of sugar-free Jello mix and the grapes into a ziplock bag. We like using a sour flavor to create a sweet and sour treat. Now, make like Taylor Swift and shake (it off)!  

After all the fruit is completely covered, pop the Jello-coated grapes into the freezer for at least an hour and snack away whenever you crave something sweet and cool! 

Chocolate-covered bananas

The ice cream truck’s melodic trill getting closer to your house is a core memory from childhood. Were you a Ninja Turtle fan? A Tweety Bird devotee? Or a Drumstick diva? I was partial to the Banana Fudge Bomb Pops. With 24 grams of sugar per pop, one Bomb Pop makes up 30% of your daily recommended sugar intake. They’re good. But are they worth almost ⅓ of your day’s sugar intake? 

Get all the flavor without all the refined sugar when you make your own dark chocolate-covered frozen bananas. For this recipe, you’ll need ripe, yellow bananas and sugar-free dark chocolate melts from brands like Callebaut or Bake Believe. 

Depending on your preference, you can keep the bananas whole or cut them into bite-sized pieces. To make the process as mess-free as possible, pre-freeze the bananas as you melt your chocolate. Then dip your frozen bananas, lay them on a piece of wax paper, and pop them back into the freezer for at least an hour. 

For the full ice cream truck experience, listen to Turkey in the Straw as you snack! 

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We look forward to working out with you! When you come to class, let us know your favorite sugar-free summertime snack! 

Happy snacking! 

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