Top tips for staying safe during summer workouts

It’s getting hot in here, so… Stay hydrated and listen to your body! (What did you think we were going to say!?) According to NASA, this summer is one of the hottest on record, but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to verify their findings. All you need to do is step outside. So how can you keep up with your fitness goals while staying safe in the summer heat? 

There’s no need to put your exercise plan on hold. In this blog post, we’re sharing our top six tips for staying safe during summer workouts.

6 ways to stay safe during summer workouts

The early bird gets the best workout 

The coolest part of the day is just after the sun rises, so make like that early bird searching for a worm and start your day at the crack of dawn! Not only will you benefit from cooler temperatures and the absence of the sun’s harshest rays, but you’ll also find that you can be much more productive when you start your day with the sunrise!

Of course, exercising in the early morning comes with its own challenges. Be aware of your surroundings (leave the headphones at home) and wear reflective clothing to alert motorists to your presence. 

Become besties with the weatherman

We’re not recommending that you force Al Roker to be your friend, but you should pay attention to the weather report. When heat, humidity, and poor air quality combine, it’s the trifecta of an athlete’s worst nightmare. As hard as we try, we can’t control the weather, so when the temps and humidity soar and the air quality plummets, move your workout inside. 

Don’t forget to hydrate

Summertime sweat sessions are heavy on the “sweat.” Don’t forget to replenish those liquids! Water is the gold standard, but if you’re looking for a little more flavor, try Liquid IV or an electrolyte-filled sports drink. In addition to drinking liquids, you can eat your hydration, too. Boost your intake of water-filled produce like watermelon, cucumber, and tomatoes to replenish the fluids lost during a workout. 

Get red carpet (or scorching sun) ready

You wouldn’t show up to a red carpet event in ripped jeans and flip-flops, would you? You need to dress for the occasion. Working out in the summer heat requires a special wardrobe, too. Start with sunscreen, choose loose and light-colored moisture-wicking clothing, and top it all off with a hat that protects your face. Wrinkles AND heat stroke? Not a good look!  

Know the warning signs

Speaking of heat stroke, familiarize yourself with the signs of dehydration before it happens. Take a break and rehydrate at the first signs of mild dehydration (feeling thirsty/ dry mouth, dry + cool skin, dizziness, dark-colored urine, headache, and muscle cramps). 

Stay inside and workout with a virtual trainer

Sometimes, staying inside is the best option (see tip #2). That doesn’t mean you’ve got a free pass to skip your workout, though! Set up your yoga mat in front of your air conditioning or a fan, book an Enhancewell Fitness virtual class, and commiserate with fellow class-goers as you smash your fitness goals— even while the temperatures soar.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals every season! 

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