Quitter’s Day is upon us

It’s January. The gyms are full of newfound fitness enthusiasts and the pavements are being pounded by resolution-fueled runners. New year, new me– right?

According to Strava, Quitter’s Day is upon us. After analyzing 98.3 million uploaded exercise activities, they concluded that January 19 is the day most people give up on their New Year’s resolution. By mid-February, 80% of people will abandon their resolutions. 

There’s good news, though. Certain people are more likely to stick with their resolutions: 

  • Women
  • Younger people
  • People who follow the advice below

Are you still reading? That’s great! We’re about to spill the secrets to outlasting Quitter’s Day and achieving your goals.

Set a goal

This may seem elementary– after all, you are reading an article about how to achieve your goals. But hear us out. 

To achieve a goal, it must be specific and measurable. 

Instead of “I want to work out more,” say “I will work out five times per week.” 

Instead of “I want to eat more healthy,” say “I will cut dessert out of my diet on weekdays” or “I will eat a serving of vegetables with lunch and dinner.” 

Instead of “I want to lose some weight,” say “I will lose 10 pounds by June.” 

In essence, the goals are the same, but the impact is far greater. It’s easier to achieve a goal when you can track your progress. This method works for any type of goal– fitness, financial, professional, and personal, so dream big! 

Get some accountability

Speaking of tracking progress, don’t keep your goals to yourself. Post your goal on social media, share it with a friend, and add it to a goal-setting app. Another way to get some accountability? Tell your Enhancewell Fitness coach! We would love to see you achieve your fitness goals and help you along the way!

Make a habit…

Each day, you wash your face and brush your teeth (hopefully!!) without thinking about it. You’ve established a routine. 

To stick with your goal-achieving efforts, make it part of your habits. If your goal is to start flossing daily, tag it on to your evening tooth brushing. If you want to work out each weekday morning, make it a habit to put on your athletic wear as soon as your alarm goes off. 

When you add the things you want to do to the things you always do, you’re one step closer to a lasting resolution. 

…but don’t make it boring 

That being said, we’re not trying to make your goals feel mundane. Switch up your running route. Choose a variety of vegetables to taste. Try a new fitness class. 

Keep a routine without making it stale.

Set yourself up for success

If you’re cutting desserts out of your diet, you probably shouldn’t be hanging out at the ice cream store. In the beginning, you’ll have moments where you feel like your goals are unattainable. That’s normal. 

Remove as many roadblocks as possible, and replace them with alternatives that support your goal. Instead of a candy bowl, keep a fruit bowl on your desk. RSVP to fitness-themed meetups instead of post-work happy hours. When you fill your time with activities designed to achieve your goal, it won’t be long until you see the physical evidence of your goals being reached. 

Here at Enhancewell Fitness, we believe you can achieve your goals and we want to help! From our free Ignite Lite fitness plan to our group lessons, you’ll find the support you need to make 2022 the best year yet! 

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