​​Have a cold? Try this exercise!

If you’re one of the few who managed to avoid a cold, flu, or COVID this winter, congratulations! For the rest of us, we know just how miserable it is to feel sick and not have much reprieve from the symptoms. 

Chicken soup and your fluffiest blanket are total godsends when you get a cold. But, if you want to feel better faster, there’s something you need to do. In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about the exercise that will help you feel better when you have a cold, why it works, and which exercises you should steer clear of until you’re feeling better.  

Here’s your friendly reminder: the team at Enhancewell Fitness aren’t doctors, nor do we play them on TV. Every situation is different, so be sure to consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns while sick. 

Walk off your cold 

Getting out of bed and into real clothes can feel akin to running a marathon when you have a cold, but trust me; it’s worth it. The experts encourage mild to moderate exercise like walking, yoga, or biking when you have a cold with symptoms like a runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, or minor sore throat. If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19, have a fever, or are experiencing below-the-neck symptoms like a hacking cough, stomachache, or chest congestion, lie back down in bed and sleep this one off! 

The benefits of walking while you have a cold

Fresh air is good for the soul, but that’s not the only reason you should go for a walk when you have a cold. Aside from getting a boost in energy and the mental benefits of movement, walking can encourage the build-up of disease-fighting white blood cells to circulate in your blood and do their job of helping you feel better. 

Did you know that walking is Mother Nature’s nasal decongestant? Walking can temporarily increase the carbon dioxide in your blood, resulting in the opening of your nasal passages.

Increased blood flow and deep breathing can help you clear out your lungs and sinuses, reducing pressure and pain.

If you exercise with a cold, remember these things: 

  • Listen to your body
  • Stay hydrated
  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Don’t overdo it
  • Do what feels good to you right now

You know your body best. Do what you can to take care of it! 

Exercises to avoid while you’re sick 

Walking and other light exercises that keep your body moving are beneficial while feeling under the weather. Don’t overdo it, though. While you’re ill isn’t the time to start training for an Iron Man or challenging your accountability partner to prepare for a marathon. 

Keep high-stamina activities off the calendar and give your body time to rest, relax, and heal, or you risk worsening your illness.

Once you’re back to your healthy, happy self, book a class with Enhancewell Fitness and build up your muscles and immune system with us! 

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