Fitness after 40: why and how to get fit now

Forty may be the new thirty in terms of career, family goals, and fashion, but the body keeps the score. The CDC asked American adults, “Would you say your health in general is excellent, very good, good, fair or poor?” The responses showed that fair or poor health increased with age:

• 7.8% of 18–39-year-olds

• 17.2% of 40–64-year-olds

• 25.1% aged 65+

With a nearly 10% increase in those with fair or poor between the 18-39 and 40-64 range, your 40s are a critical time for your health. Today, we’re talking about why fitness after 40 is so important and key aspects to add to your routine that can improve your health.

Disclaimer: We’re not doctors, and we don’t play them on TV. Before starting a fitness routine, check with a medical professional for personalized advice and clearance.

The benefits of starting or maintaining a fitness routine after 40

Physical health

The physical benefits of exercise are undeniable. Exercise can strengthen bones and muscles, improve balance to reduce the risk of falls, manage weight, and combat health conditions. 


Cancel your Botox appointment! The National Council on Aging published a report on the effect of exercise and aging, collating research from across the world. One example shares the research of a Brigham Young University exercise science professor who found “that adults who ran a minimum of 30-40 minutes, five days a week, had an almost nine-year ‘”biological aging advantage.'”


That same article shares a study by researchers at the U.K.’s King’s College London and University of Birmingham, who studied 55-79-year-old recreational cyclists and found that they have the immune systems of much younger adults. Aging can weaken your immune system, but exercise may reduce vulnerability to respiratory illnesses. 

Cognitive functions

The American Academy of Neurology published the results of an observational study focused on the decline of thinking skills and aging, which found that “moderate to intense exercise may help older people delay aging of the brain.” Don’t give up on Sudoku, but be sure to add exercise to your cognitive routine, too.

Add these exercises to your post-40 fitness routine


Strengthen your heart and lungs with aerobic exercises like fast-paced walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming, but traditional exercise isn’t the only way to complete your endurance training. Everyday activities, like housework and gardening, are good cardio, too! 


A study by the CDC shows that 44.3% of Americans between the ages of 45 and 64 experience back pain. When you strengthen your core, you protect your back. Add planks and abdominal crunches to build your core muscles and minimize the risk of back pain. 

Strength training

Remember the “Got Milk?” campaign of the 90s? Milk isn’t the only way to improve bone density. Strength training, like weightlifting and resistance training, can build muscle mass and slow the loss of bone density. 

Getting started with a fitness routine after 40 can feel daunting, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting fit and living your best life. The personal trainers at Enhancewell Fitness are equipped to help people of all ages reach their goals. 

When you book a private session with an Enhancewell Fitness trainer, you’ll discover exercises tailored to your abilities and objectives. We can’t guarantee a Benjamin Button reverse aging experience, but many of our clients report feeling younger, stronger, and more energetic. Get in touch today and see for yourself! 

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