4 Exercises for menopause: don’t pause the workouts

The word “pause” may be right there in the name, but there’s no need to stop your workouts during menopause. In fact, exercise can help you shed menopausal weight gain, strengthen your bones, and improve mental health and relaxation. Today, we’ll share the top 4 exercises for women experiencing menopause, to help you improve your quality of life as you manage this phase of life. 

Weight-bearing and resistance exercises 

As menopause hits, bone loss puts women at risk for osteoporosis. One in six women over the age of 60 is affected by osteoporosis, which can lead to bone fractures and reduced mobility. While your doctor can prescribe vitamins and medication to combat bone loss, certain exercises can slow bone loss and strengthen your muscles for extra support.  

Want to strengthen your bones? Try:

Resistance training – using weights or resistance bands 

Weight-bearing exercises –  walking, dancing, jogging, climbing stairs, and playing tennis

Exercises that force you to work against gravity are best for strengthening your bones. Start small and work your way up as you improve your strength. 

Balance exercises

A 2004 study found that “falls were the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths among women aged 75 years and older.” However, a second study shows that “exercise has been shown to reduce the incidence of falls by 13%” Balance exercises like tai chi can improve your balance and reduce your risk of injury due to a fall. 

Here are a few other exercises you can try at home: 

  • Balance on one foot
  • Get out of your chair without using your arms for support, then lower back down in a controlled manner
  • Face a wall with your toes pointed forward, and sidestep to the end of the wall in one direction, then go back in the opposite direction, using your hands for support if needed

Building your balance can help you stay quick on your feet to keep yourself from falling.

Aerobic activity

As you reach menopause, it’s important to keep your body moving. Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, water aerobics, or biking are great ways to get your body moving. These exercises improve your heart health, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and shedding belly fat. There’s no competition, so take it as slow as you need to in the beginning and build up your stamina to go further and faster.  

Practice yoga or Pilates

Yoga and Pilates can help you build strength and promote relaxation— a not-so-easy thing when significant hormone changes are rocking the emotional boat. Join a Pilates-inspired fitness class at Enhancewell Fitness or sign up for a private session to go at your own pace and work on specific goals, like improving your balance or flexibility. 

When you work out with Enhancewell, you get support and community to help you take care of your body and boost your mood during the menopause transition. You don’t need to pause anything to live your best life— no matter which phase of life you’re in right now.

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