Are you ready to work it?! Check out the recommended equipment to level up your workout!

You can work out without any equipment… but even Michelangelo needed tools to sculpt David. If getting sculpted is your end goal, this equipment will help you see the best results.

For All Classes

This isn’t Risky Business-- make sure you have a safe, non-slip space where you can work out.

For Enhanced Pilates

Turn up the heat! (We’re not talking about the thermostat!) Amp up exercises with these accessories and tools to help you intensify your workout.


Magic Circle

Yoga Block

Pilates Ball

Lightweight Dumbbell 2lb

For Enhanced Toning

No one sets out to be average or mediocre. Try these pieces of equipment to add some spice and intensity to your class.

Hip Circle Band

Lightweight Dumbbell 3lb

For Enhanced Stretching

Save the bath bombs and scented candles for after class. These tools will help you establish looser and more mobile muscles and begin an effective recovery routine.

Foam roller

Yoga block

Peanut Massage Ball

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For Enhanced Stretching

It's time to make a move

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