Do I need a personalized fitness program? Yes, here’s why

Sticking to a regular exercise routine can be hard. You have a busy schedule and it’s normal to want to spend the night on the couch watching Netflix after a long day. What’s more, exercising can get boring and monotonous after just a few weeks of keeping to your routine. With help from a personalized fitness program, you can do better. Our team at Enhancewell Fitness understands the importance of individualized exercise programs, so we have five ways you can benefit from a personal fitness plan.

You’re unique

While some of us have similar body types, we’re all unique. There’s something about us that sets us apart from the person next to us. We might be able to find success to a certain degree doing the same thing as our gym friends, but we’ll eventually hit a point where that doesn’t work anymore and it’s time to mix things up. This can include changing to a new program or adjusting our eating. Either way, what works for you might not work for somebody else.

Break through plateaus

As we established above, it’s not uncommon to reach a point in your exercise routine where you feel stuck. The number on the scale isn’t getting any smaller (or bigger, for some) and the same weights continue to feel heavy for weeks at a time. When this happens, you need to find a way to mix things up and break through those plateaus, which can be tough.

It’s likely that you’ve gotten comfortable with what you’re doing and aren’t sure where to go from here. Your personalized fitness program can help by setting new goals and targets in your workouts. This will adjust the scope of your workouts so you can start seeing more progress as a result of your efforts.

Don’t over- or under-train

There’s a delicate balance when it comes to pushing through the pain. Some pain during exercise is good because you’re pushing your body to its limits and getting stronger. On the other side of the coin, pushing through too much pain can lead to an injury. If you’re not able to find the balance for effective workouts, you could either injure yourself or not see any results at all. A personalized fitness program will help you exercise effectively without over- or under-training your body.

Won’t burn out

Burning out at the gym is a real thing. You can reach a point where it’s not enjoyable to go anymore and you look forward to doing absolutely anything else. When you have a personal exercise program, your workouts will continue to change with your progress so it doesn’t feel like you’re stuck in a rut by getting to the gym or making time to work out at home. Let’s try to leave the burnout for the final lift of the day instead of making it your attitude.

Focus on your ultimate goal

Lifting weights, Pilates, HIIT, and other workouts are great for toning your physique and making you stronger, but it’s important that you keep in mind your ultimate goal for all the sweat and tears that you’re putting into your efforts. Is there an event you’re training for? Do you need to prepare for an upcoming sports season? Do you want to be able to finish that hike outside of town? Would you like to have more years with your partner? Your personalized training program will account for all the things in life that you want to accomplish and help you get there.

Book a class

Get started on your personalized fitness program with Enhancewell Fitness. You can start working on yourself by booking one of our Pilates-based fitness classes. If you have any questions about how our classes work or just want to say hi, get in touch with us by calling 845-481-0504 or sending a message using our contact form.

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